2023 Prep Enrolment

Applications for enrolment for all families seeking Prep enrolment for the 2023 school year open on 1st April 2022. They close on 20th May 2022. 


By law, children must have turned five by the 30th April of their first year of school.

Enrolments will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  1. Children with siblings currently enrolled Baptised
  2. Catholic children who live in the school zone (Click here)
  3. Alumni families
  4. Baptised children of other Christian denominations who live within the school zone.
  5. All other children who live within the school zone (Click here) 

Children who live outside of the Sacred Heart school zone but wish to send their child to Sacred Heart will need to begin their enrolment process through their zoned Catholic school but will need to include a letter of why they wish to attend Sacred Heart. These applications will be assessed by the Parish Priest and the school principals.

2023 Prep Enrolment Enquiry

An Enrolment Enquiry can be completed on the school website at any stage: (Click Here)

This will ensure that the family will receive any important communication or invites. We encourage you to have a good look at our school website to find out more about our school.

Discovery Tours

Discovery Tours are a great way of getting a feel and vibe for what Sacred Heart has to offer. Booking numbers are limited. The tours are more suited to parents and particularly for those new to Sacred Heart. Tours take around one hour.

Parents who have completed an Enrolment Enquiry will receive an email to book a tour or they can be booked on the school website: (Click Here)

Tours will be available on Tuesday 3rd May, Wednesday 4th May and Thursday 5th May with times available at 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, or 6 pm.

We have adjusted our schedule to provide more flexibility in times with the following dates and times available: 

  • Tuesday 3rd May @ 9:30am
  • Tuesday 3rd May @ 6pm
  • Wednesday 4th May @ 9:30am
  • Wednesday 4th May @ 6pm
  • Thursday 5th May @ 6pm
  • Monday 9th May @ 9am
  • Tuesday 10th May @ 5:15pm
  • Wednesday 11th May @ 9:15am

Apply For 2023 Prep Enrolment

From Friday 1st April 2022 applications for Prep enrolment in 2023 are open. This needs to be completed via the school website: (Click Here)

Enrolments will close on Friday 20th May 2022 at 4 pm.

Enrolment Meetings

For those that have applied to enrol their child, an Enrolment Meeting for the prospective enrolment and at least one parent or guardian will be conducted.

Parents meet with a member of staff from the Leadership Team and the prospective enrolment meets with a classroom teacher to do fun play and learning activities.

Parents will be contacted to book a time to attend or can be booked on the school website: (Click Here)

These meetings will be conducted at the school from Monday 9th May 2022 through to Friday 27th May. Meetings take around 40 minutes.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Parents will receive an email on Friday the 10th June 2022 to confirm whether their Enrolment Application has been successful. Parents will need to confirm this acceptance before Friday 24th June.