Eating & Drinking

To sustain learning and promote healthy eating we encourage students bring to school predominantly healthy food choices.

Below we have important information in relation to eating and drinking at Sacred Heart.

Recess Snack

We encourage parents to pack fresh fruit or vegetables in your child’s recess snack box. The students eat their fruit (or vegetables) first at recess time. Students are often very hungry so you may like to pack one or two other snack items for them at this time, or another sandwich.  This snack is eaten at 10:55am.

Lunch Snack

The main meal of the school day; a sandwich or roll, a salad or a slice of quiche. A ‘treat’ may also be appropriate here. Lunch is eaten at 1:27pm.

Brain Food

Brain food is a small piece of fruit or vegetables packed each day in addition to our recess snack and lunch.  Each morning the Prep students eat brain food at 9:55 am.


Students need to bring a drink of water to school each day. Students are not able sweetened drinks such as juice, cordial or soft drink as these contain too much sugar which is not good for teeth. Non-water drinkers usually start drinking water with the example of other children. Freeze a small quantity each night and top up with cold water in the morning for a cool summer drink.

Packing Food

The school has a bank of refrigerators for the storage of students’’ food. For the ease of packing and unloading the fridges, we ask that parents provide separate, small, well-labelled containers or zip-lock bags for their child’s recess snack and lunch. Insulated ‘puffy’ lunchboxes and ice-blocks are not required.

School Canteen

Our School Canteen operates on a Wednesday and Friday and provides a range of lunch options at low cost.    The current menuand  prices can be accessed through and ordered via the CDFpay website