Sacred Heart Celebrates Shrove Tuesday

Students at Sacred Heart Primary School began their Lent preparations this week ready for the school's Ash Wednesday mass.

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Teacher Wendy Collins said the school recognised the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lent season with a pancake breakfast.

"We brought all our school families together for the first time this year and everyone was invited to come along," she said.

"We had parents, older brothers and sisters who were past members of our school and lots of students coming up for their pancakes - first, second and third servings."

Mrs Collins said Sacred Heart held an Ash Wednesday mass every year where participants would receive a sign of a cross in ash on their forehead.

"(On Monday) our school had the burning of the ashes," she said.

"We had a little open fire pit put where all the classes wrote a Lenten promise that the class could keep throughout the season of Lent."

"The promises get burnt with the palm leaves from last year's Palm Sunday and then once they are all burnt to ashes - that's what we use on Ash Wednesday."

She said, "St Paul's Primary School would join Sacred Heart at the mass, marking the first time in the past few years that the two schools have been able to hold mass together.